Breaches are inevitable. But Impactful Breaches Don’t Have to be
Be Prepared

Are you Ready to Handle a Cyber Crisis?

Ropes & Gray and Mandiant have joined forces to help you evaluate your organization’s ability to respond effectively to a cyber incident before it occurs. The Tabletop Exercise uses gameplay techniques to assess your cyber crisis processes, tools and proficiency from legal, governance and technical perspectives. During the exercise, multiple scenarios based on real-world experience are simulated in a roundtable environment, allowing Ropes & Gray to provide concrete legal advice to your organization based on the results, including advice on potential enhancements to your organization’s cyber breach and incident response preparedness that Mandiant and Ropes & Gray identify through the exercise.

The Attacker’s Invoice: Real Costs of a Cyber Breach

Cyber breaches that result in data loss are often accompanied by heavy costs—some costs are obvious, while others are unexpected. Attacks not only places a financial strain on organizations, but can also hinder their ability to conduct normal business operations, which affects sales transactions and market reputations. 

After this session, you’ll be able to educate your leaders on:

  • Common costs of a breach, which involve number of records affected, remediation efforts, revenue loss and reputational backlash
  • Processes to estimate each type of cost
  • Risk mitigation activities to help reduce future costs

The BIG Cyber Security Skills Gap

Attackers will continue to be effective through an increase in sophistication, but they will also be successful due to the challenges organisations face in recruiting and retaining skilled cyber professionals. 

During this webinar we will be discussing the benefits and challenges of inhouse vs. outsourcing of cyber security operations and how this has been effected by a cyber-skills shortage within the industry with ‘on-demand’ resource being readily available when needed with real time insight and expertise of cyber breaches.


APT39: An Iranian Cyber Espionage Group Focused on Personal Information
In December 2018, FireEye identified APT39 as an Iranian cyber espionage group responsible for widespread theft of personal information. We have tracked activity linked to this group since November 2014 in order to protect organizations from APT39 activity to date. APT39’s focus on the widespread theft of personal information sets it apart from other Iranian groups FireEye tracks, which have been linked to influence operationsdisruptive attacks, and other threats.

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The Latest in On-Premises Email Security Detection and Evasion Defense
No organization can anticipate all emerging threats. Some are too well camouflaged and others are simply unknown, and exposing them requires cyber security defenses that adapt just as quickly as the evolving threat landscape. However, by combining threat intelligence with detection technologies, it is possible to gain a much clearer picture of potential email threats that could impact an organization.

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Are You Ready to Handle a Cyber Crisis?
Companies that suffer from cyber security breaches or cyber vulnerabilities increasingly face claims of failing to implement adequate cyber security measures, deceiving others around the extent of their data security measures, or inadequately notifying the individuals whose personal information may have been at risk.

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