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Stephanie Syptak-Ramnath
Chargé d’affaires
U.S. Embassy (Singapore)

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Steven Booth
Vice President & Chief Security Officer 

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Steve Ledzian
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, APAC


Hear an overview of the conference and an update on FireEye’s strategy for relentlessly protecting its customers across the region.

From exposing foreign influence operations to providing congressional testimony on cyber risks to naming 5 new APT groups, FireEye has been at the forefront of cyber defense in 2018.  Moving into 2019 there are a whole new set of innovations, tools, and capabilities that will accelerate and simplify the way organizations can reduce their cyber risk.

It is one thing to carry the job title of a CISO, it is another to be the CISO of a leading cyber security company in the world. Steven will share his experience of using FireEye’s technology to protect the company, and sheds light on his involvement in the applications and contributing to the evolution of FireEye’s products and services. 

About a quarter of FireEye Mandiant investigations have a significant cloud component. While in many ways the public cloud simplifies security, organizations continue to get compromised. How are the attackers still getting in? What can be done to stop silly incidents from becoming large-scale data breaches? This session will take a holistic view of the threat landscape and highlights ways to ensure resilience even in the face of misguided security posture.

Moderator: Robert Pizzari, Senior Director, GSI. FireEye Inc

  • Jacob Tong, Group CIO, Keppel Corporation Ltd
  • Christopher Lek, Director for Cyber Security, Nanyang Technological University
  • Ted Suen, CIO, MTR Corp. Ltd
  • Gilbert Leong, Senior Partner, Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP
  • Steven Booth, VP & Chief Security Officer

2018 was a year filled with breaches occurring across the world and the Asia Pacific region, affected different industries. We have assembled a strong panel of security leaders representing different industries, to share their thoughts and experiences in breach prevention and hardening their cyber security strategies, dealing with skills shortages to moving to the cloud.


Speaker: Ken Bagnall, VP, Product Management
Email accounts for 91% of successful breaches. Impersonation of executives and supply chain partners is a growing problem. How to solve it is revealed here.

Speaker: Chok Chiat Ho, Consultant Sales Engineer
Synopsis to be advised

– Koay Choon Ping, Sales Engineer. Gigamon 
– Nam Seng Lee, Consultant Sales Engineer. 
The next generation of cyber-attacks has changed radically from previous approaches. The attacks can combine social engineering with multi-pronged technical approaches that individually are hard to detect, but together can be devastating. Each attack is multi-staged with steps to get in, to call back from the compromised network, to spread laterally, and to get valuables out. It is not enough to simply put up a firewall or intrusion prevention system to stop these attacks at the perimeter because legacy solutions often cannot spot or stop advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. As such, we need a solution that has comprehensive visibility across the network traffic; that can go from alert to fix in minutes and then scale service up or down as threats and needs evolve.

Hear from our Gigamon experts on how FireEye Network Security combined with the Gigamon Security Delivery Platform offers customers flexible deployment options and scalability for optimal threat protection. With network-side visibility and options for both inline and out-of-band deployments, APTs can be spotted and contained quickly and efficiently.

Guest Speaker: Alex Lei, Vice President of Sales, Data Protection Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan. Dell EMC
Getting hit by ransomware or other destructive cyber-attacks is bad enough, but the inability to recover business operations and data is even more devastating. Come explore Dell EMC’s innovative data protection, automation, and security analytics tools that leverage AI and ML to ensure that golden copies of critical data and applications are recoverable. 

Speaker: Su Gim Goh, Solutions Architect
Synopsis to be advised


Speaker: Vivek Chudgar, Senior Director, FireEye Mandiant
We have all heard a lot about security breaches that happened to many organisations. From airlines to hospitality services, but nothing beats hearing from the real-life experience of a security practitioner who have seen it all. Hear from one of the expert witnesses to the recent Committee of Inquiry into a recent breach and get a summary of the key takeaways from the CIO in 40mins.

Speaker: Steve Ledzian, VP & APAC CTO
How to meet COI recommendations. Find out what you can do to meet the COI recommendations and not be the next big headlines.

Speaker: Mandar Bale, Solutions Architect
Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services should spot prevention failures and respond quickly. Good MDR services spot Red Teams and Pen Testers who are tasked with defeating preventative controls. A great MDR service knows when real, malicious threat actors are hiding their footprints amongst Red Team activity. In this war story, we discuss how Managed Defense, FireEye’s MDR service, deals with such situations.

Speaker: Robert Pizzari, Senior Director, GSI
The world is facing a shortage in cyber security skilled workforce. So, how do we solve this reality facing an increased occurrences of cyber security breaches and manpower shortage? Robert will shed more light on Fireeye’s approach to address this new reality.

Speaker: Anping Kwee, Solutions Architect
Synopsis to be advised

Wrap Up and Lucky Draw
Coffee Break, Booth Visits & Networking

* Fireeye reserves the right to amend the agenda without prior notice


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  • 17 April 2019
  • Registration - 8.15 AM
  • Sands Expo and Convention Centre
    Level 3, Cassia Ballroom
    10 Bayfront Ave
    Singapore 018956

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