Dave Baumgartner

Dave Baumgartner
Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Americas

Travis Reese 300x300

Travis Reese

Tobias Feakin_CDLPage

Dr. Tobias Feakin
Australian Ambassador for Cyber Affairs

Scott Deacon CDLPage

Scott Deacon
Senior Director
FireEye Mandiant


Hear an overview of the conference and an update on FireEye’s strategy for relentlessly protecting its customers across the region.

As one of the foremost experts in cyber security, Travis Reese and Dave Baumgartner will discuss today’s threat environment and its impact on enterprises and agencies around the world. He will also share insight into the threat actors, tactics and trends that are likely to play an integral role in the landscape of cyber security in the years to come.

Tea Break, Booth Visits and Networking

From exposing foreign influence operations to providing congressional testimony on cyber risks to naming 5 new APT groups, FireEye has been at the forefront of cyber defense in 2018.  Moving into 2019 there are a whole new set of innovations, tools, and capabilities that will accelerate and simplify the way organizations can reduce their cyber risk.

An opportunity to visit the showcase and network


  • Barnaby Skeggs, Senior Security Consultant
  • Roshan Maskey, Senior Mandiant Consultant

Speaker: BeeJay Velasco, Senior Security Analyst


  • Jim Meyer, Consultant, FireEye Mandiant
  • Alistair Riley, Senior Consultant, FireEye Mandiant

Gamification – bringing together IT and non-IT Functions to test Cyber Security Incident Management. Jim and Alistair will talk through how testing your cyber security preparedness through scenario based gameplay can better help you prepare for a cyber incident.

Tea Break, Booth Visits and Networking

Speaker: Andrew Aston, Senior Intelligence Analyst

Andrew will look at the 2019 M-Trends in APJ, including the named APTs operating in the region. In this session he’ll also review FireEye Intel from the last 3 months around regional threat actor activity, incidents observed, as well as new threat actor TTP and malware.

Speaker:Malcolm Bailie, Solutions Delivery and Projects Manager – APAC, Nozomi Networks

Speakers: Ken Bagnall, VP, Product Marketing – Email

Email accounts for 91% of successful breaches. Impersonation of executives and supply chain partners is a growing problem. How to solve it is revealed here.


  • Shakeel Ali, Solution Architect
  • Junaid Siddiqui, Sales Engineer

Speakers: Adam Gordon, Country Manager, ANZ

Improve Security Effectiveness and Efficiency, with Gigamon and FireEye

The next generation of cyber-attacks has changed radically from previous approaches. The attacks can combine social engineering with multi-pronged technical approaches that individually are hard to detect, but together can be devastating. Each attack is multi-staged with steps to get in, to call back from the compromised network, to spread laterally, and to get valuables out. It is not enough to simply put up a firewall or intrusion prevention system to stop these attacks at the perimeter because legacy solutions often cannot spot or stop advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. As such, we need a solution that has comprehensive visibility across the network traffic; that can go from alert to fix in minutes and then scale service up or down as threats and needs evolve.

Hear from our Gigamon experts on how FireEye Network Security combined with the Gigamon Security Delivery Platform offers customers flexible deployment options and scalability for optimal threat protection. With network-side visibility and options for both inline and out-of-band deployments, APTs can be spotted and contained quickly and efficiently.

Tea Break, Booth Visits and Networking


  • Alex Ham, Sales Engineer
  • Kamran Shakil, Solution Architect

In the everchanging endpoint protection landscape threats are plenty, but that doesn’t mean they’re equal. The right endpoint protection can help you stop known threats, provide advanced detection, and respond rapidly to the threats that matter.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how the threats to endpoints are changing
  • See how technology must evolve to address these changes
  • Understand how FireEye is using the lessons learned from the frontlines to build endpoint security solutions that address these threats
  • Hear how to integrate FireEye Endpoint Security in your environment to protect vital information stored on your endpoints


  • Michael Darman, Solution Architect
  • Alain Le Moeligou, Sales Engineer

Dive into how FireEye Network Security mitigates cyber risk through the new and existing features. We’ll cover lateral movement and detection through SmartVision, detecting evil in encrypted communications, integration with SIEM/SOAR and multi flow threat analytics.

* Fireeye reserves the right to amend the agenda without prior notice



  • 30 May 2019
  • Registration - 8 AM
  • Doltone House
    181 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000


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